There is something to be said for everything in its right place.

Four years ago the job of private housekeeper, stumbled into my realm of possibilities. It was a well paying, get-me-out-of-the-service-industry, leap. I became part of a team, taking care of one expansive, beautiful beach home. At the time, I believed I knew enough about how to "clean". I was not privy to some of the essential life skills I was largely lacking. 


I learned a lot.


I began to appreciate the comforts of simple tasks as far as, how to properly make a fine bed, organizational skills of a household; everything having its place, laundry tips, the meditation that is ironing bed linens, appreciation of fine flatware and place settings, knowledge of the right tools and product, and the list goes on.


What I really want to share, is the feeing of growth, awareness, and self-worth I have since developed. 


There is something to say for everything in its right place. 


Taking care of your surroundings changes your mental patterns. Organizing outside, organizes internally. Your thoughts begin to shift. For the first time I had a job that gave me time to think, (ironing bed linens was my favorite meditation), just to take time to do things right, to plan. Your standards for the people who you should accept in your life change. You carry yourself taller. My eating habits became cleaner. I packed my lunch. How a small gesture can carry so much weight. It also allows the space for new and good things to enter. 


In my home, I began to put winter things away for summer. Less is more, I downsized to keep only what I could manage. Grand thoughts of big houses and nice cars materialized into what they actually are, maintenance and responsibility. 


I organized my studio. My paint tubes were hung and put into color families, as if on a store shelf. One weekend I got out the power tools and built a six foot by seven foot canvas storage shelving. I was on a roll. 


And then I took a job in the yachting industry, doing the same detailing work I was previously doing but now on a boat. 


My love of house and studio put on a waiting list. 


Since October of last year, I have been touring the Caribbean, working (and occasionally playing) very hard.  I am tired! Oh so tired. But also, appreciate this great time in my life that I will only know how great when looking back. 

 My address for next years  M/Y Rhino . Mr. Rodd Keevil on the bow. Photo taken by resident photographer and kite board instructor, Chris Taylor.

My address for next years M/Y Rhino. Mr. Rodd Keevil on the bow. Photo taken by resident photographer and kite board instructor, Chris Taylor.


As I am out here, disconnected from land and enclosed in the security on my boat bubble, my inclination is to take record of these big and small thoughts.

Having said that, my intention for this blog is to write down some of the tips and tricks I have learned throughout the years, while practicing my writing. I am interested in building upon some tried and true staples I have come to use in multiple housekeeping and wellness scenarios. And hopefully hear from other people and their go-tos such as baking soda, apple cider vinegar, ect., quintessential products that have a million uses and counting.

Does anyone read more than the headlines these days?

 St. Thomas, Havensight

St. Thomas, Havensight

 water rhythms 

water rhythms